How much do you cost? For private events in The Midlands where we need to bring our sound system we will cost you around  £2500.  Ticketed or return bookings at your club are priced differently. Please get in touch with us.

How much room do the band need to set up?
We can generally squeeze into most spaces but a comfortable space for us is 7m wide by 4m deep on flat and level ground.

How much time do you need to set up?
We work on a minimum set up time of 1.5 hours if we have clear access to the room.

How long do you play for?
We usually play 2 x 45min sets. In our experience this is perfect for the listener, however it’s your event so if you want us to play 3 x 30mins or 1 x 90min we are happy to do so!

We have booked a DJ too. Can the DJ use The Downstoke Sound system ?
We are fine with a DJ sharing our system however once the band are finished the system will only be available to the DJ for another 30 minutes unless organised before hand. The same applies to private Cd or iPod compilations.

Do you need a dressing room or hospitality?
It is a point of our contract that we require a warm, lit and secure space for us to change in before and after the show as well as some soft drinks and hot food. It’s up to you how hospitable you want to be… Obviously if we feel looked after it makes for a better evening!

Does the band line up ever change?
We try our very best to keep the band line up consistent but because of the professional situation of all members of the band inevitably there will be times when someone will not be available due to touring commitments with profile acts or because of Illness. In this case we call one of our excellent “Deps”. These guys will have played with the band on and off for years and bring there own unique energy to the band for that night. The band has been running for over 10 years and we have never had a complaint!

Do you play requests?
If there is a special song that you want , maybe as your first dance at your wedding, we can learn it for you if it fits in with the band’s personality. We may have trouble with a big band tune for example or something orchestral. Sometimes however we can compromise with a live vocal performance to playback.